Different Grain

by Christopher Plowman

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Time will tell they say Leave each to his or her own way Cuz we will all pay our costs And you know there can't be such a thing as loss When LOVE is your game You'll fall, but rise again Falling back to what you know That We are All on our way Home Do you see what I see So much pain and worldly misery Do we have what it takes To leave behind the weight of our mistakes Cuz I know that we are free As far as we allow ourselves to be And we all have to make the choice Sit in silence or raise our Voice...raise your voice Who knows... So I will give this my best Putting all I've ever "known" straight to the test And we will see what comes around And make the most of the Loving Sound Cuz I know we live as One Yes, everyone under that rising sun Will we turn our heads away Or turn to face the Present Day...FACE THE DAY! Who knows... Yeah, time will tell...
Smile 03:48
Why are you so afraid of the Truth & why do I feel the need for abuse We've hung around for days so confused Now we lay out all broken & used OH! So easily we are deceived Told everything from what to where, who to care for, what, even, to believe I feel it's high time we fall back ourSelves Take that Love we've been feigning so evasively and pull that shit right off the shelf Cuz we're only here for awhile Yes, it's high time we learn Yeah, we're only here for awhile It's HIGH TIME WE LEARN TO SMILE Come on, smile WON'T YOU LET GO!? Won't you smile for me Make some good time for me Break through these lines for me Hang on this vine for me Smile for me Make some good time for me Break through the lines for me Pretend you're ALIVE, baby
The Rain 05:35
Believe in me Like I believe in you Cuz if we can do this, Baby I know there's nothin we can't make it through I need the Truth More than I ever needed you So if you can't offer this, momma I know that i got better things to do The Rain falls on my roof Washin down my memories of you I just be prayin that the Daylight Will finally make its way on through So believe in me Darlin, like I've always believed in you Cuz if we can do this, Momma I know there's nothin we can't make it through I said if we can do this, Darlin I know there's nothin we can't make it through I said if we can do this, Baby I know there's nothin we can't make it through
Lost & Found 03:15
What do you find when you search for Reality Is it close to anything you thought to be REAL? You take a look around at the world full of casualty Tell me, in your Heart's mind, how does this make you feel? Does it make you want to lay down and die? Does it make you want to OPEN UP WIDE In telling yourself, convincingly, that there is no longer reason to hide? You know You will Always Survive The thoughts you perceive to be "real" Composed primarily of ideas you steal If opinions are like assholes Then why we still find it so hard to FEEL? I want to see this system come down I want to see us rise up from the ground And taking back everything we've known That directly relates us to this sound You know We're not "lost", We are FOUND But it's coming down So hold your ground Slowly facing down... Only to hit the ground... Lost & Found... Are We the Lost & Found? Are We not the Lost & Found?
Daylight 04:19
Wait for the Daylight, Baby Don't run away so soon Cuz I was thinkin we could maybe Shed some Light into this room Cuz I've only just begun my search for you The days seem to pass so slowly And others are gone too soon I feel like you barely know me I've done my best to interpret you It's all I can do These things are hard You knew it from the start There never was a maybe & though we're apart I've opened my Heart & you can't run away from me You can't run away Please don't run away So wait for the Daylight, Baby Don't run away so soon Cuz I was thinkin we could maybe Shed some light into this room Cuz I've only just begun my search for you For you...
Baby 06:12
Well my Baby The season is long And then lately My reason is all wrong But maybe I am not the one Who is crazy To be turned down first & torn Well you told me When you came along That you know me & you knew I was strong But I'm only Half what I was born with & lately My feelings are withdrawn Days area turning long Leaves are falling brown The Daylight from the Dawn Reveals I ain't so strong Feelings come and gone Reeling from the Storm The Daylight from the Dawn Reveals I can't go on Ever since the day we met The tide is high, I've no regrets You can't change who you are But you can't expect me to go this far I thought I'd found the Sun in you The "Light of Day", this much is true What is it that you take me for This "love" of yours has been laying me out on the floor Days are turning long Leaves are falling brown The Daylight from the Dawn Reveals I'm on my own
Broken 04:38
So many, down the road, I've been & so torn, the messages I sen But I don't mean anything but change From darkened paths that lead to pain Why would you want it anyway? When live candle lights to greet the day So good to see your smiling face I long to find a common place Though, I feel it just around the bend The challenge of Love, to start again So overjoyed you're still my friend Cuz you've always taught me of "no end"...
Level 03:08
Can you believe How long it's been & can you see The mess I'm in Times are growing cold But then again It All Levels out in the "end" I knew you when... You goddamn know I know you Now & the pain that we had to share I pray it's over Now Cuz I know We All meet again someday Falling back to Our old Golden Way
Meowmeow 03:55
Some people living in darkness Some people scared of the Light Some people fearing the likeness Of others losing their Sight Me, I'm afraid of the only... The greedy, arrogant troll... The fear that lies in the same damn people The one's who're losing control.... Well, my Momma, she told me "Boy, you do what is right." I said, "My Momma, you KNOW me." "& I'ma put up a fight!" Don't need another's approval Don't need the fortune and fame I'm seeking out the ego's removal I know it's only a game One Eye Open Both eyes falling closed
The Fall 04:30
Inebriated late night, lonely, calling, crying for more My knees hate me for the time that I have spent on the floor No one promised it was easy loving you & few who care about the pain I'm going through I wait for the days to be over I wait by the phone for your call No one promised a bed of clover Though, I pray it be the nearest place to fall Alleviating, early morning sunrise banging my door My knees forgave me cuz I finally made it off of the floor Though, I don't need you showing round these here parts I sure don't need you toying 'round with my poor old heart Cuz I still wait for the days to be over I'm still waiting for your call Cuz I know none of this is over Until we learn that there be no need to "fall" Help me, I'm falling, falling... Help me, I'm falling, falling...
Apology 04:34
I've said that I am sorry Perhaps too many times You know how much I worry about The fallacy in my crimes With a total loss of reason & no answer as to why Your policies of treason Enough to make you try I'm done with madness cuz I find So easily it creeps into my life & I am done with sadness, cuz I think That I've had enough to learn this time So here we've gone in circles Have we been chasing our own tails Cuz even though we'd never mean to be so cruel Still, the pain prevails & though the memories may linger Like sour drops of wine If we can't settle this between us The Moment passes by & I'm done with madness cuz i find So easily it creeps into my life & I am done with sadness cuz I think... Hell, I know, I've had enough to learn this time This time...


Christopher Plowman's solo debut album, "Different Grain" is a collection of more than a decade of writing and nearly 2 years of studio production. The result is a raw and beautiful array of "genre-bashing" songs focused on the heart and healing of humanity's needless pains and sufferings. Particularly those of interpersonal relationships. Song to song, what happens next cannot be so easily predicted, leaving the listener poised in curious anticipation, with a nicely-rounded conclusion to follow. See what you can take away from this musical experience, to help your world be a better place to live in. Peace.


released August 10, 2015

All songs written, performed, and produced by Christopher Plowman
(© 2015 Dadburns Records)
Engineering, Co-Production, and Mixing by Phil Galloni @ Chamberlin Studios.
Amber Sebastian, Allysa Galloni - Vocal Harmonies
Rin Ribble, Julia McConahay - Violins
Anitra H. - Sax
Pat Rich - Horns, Track 11
Ben Brooks - Drums, Tracks 4,6, & 9
Anthony Perillo - Drums, Track 7
Rusty Lee - Keys
Josh Harty - Lead Guitars, Tracks 1 & 3
Cyrus Brown - Harmonicas
Aux. Percussion - Phil
All Other Vocals & Instrumentation - C.Plowman
Artwork by Eya Floyd - etsy.com/shop/EyaClaire


all rights reserved



Christopher Plowman Eureka Springs, Arkansas

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